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Salsa Roja Casera - La Morena
The Mexican manufacturer La Morena has prepared a typical Mexican sauce for you with high-quality in...
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Salsa Picante - Cholula - Original
The spicy Salsa Cholula Original is ideal to use with almost any type of food and even with some dri...
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Salsa chili powder style - Tajin - Clasico
Tajin chili powder is very popular in Mexico and is ideal for adding a spicy and salty touch to frui...
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Salsa de Chile Chipotle - Lol-Tun
The Lol-Tun Chile Chipotle Salsa has a smoky flavor that is typical for the chipotle chili. This pre...
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Salsa Valentina - Very Spicy
The spicier version of the original and very Mexican "Salsa Valentina". Highly recommended if you li...
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Salsa Valentina - Spicy
The original and very Mexican "Salsa Valentina" that almost every Mexican has at home! This salsa is...
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"Pastor" Cooking Paste - Lol-Tun
A special marinade paste to make the delicious "tacos al pastor" that are so famous in Mexico.
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Salsa Guacamole
A deliciously creamy Mexican sauce from the north of Mexico (Monterrey). It's a green sauce - "salsa...
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