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About us


COBALTO is a concept store specialized in Mexican homeware, decoration products and accessories. We strive to offer top quality products that are made in Mexico by artisans, craftsmen and designers with local products. 

We want to show what Mexico has to offer and the creativity, detailed work and beauty that goes into every single article. 

Create the perfect space and lifestyle with a Mexican touch. 

Born from a love for Mexico.


COBALTO would like to show you that the Mexican culture is so much more than just guacamole, tequila and mariachi music. We want to get you acquainted with high quality handmade products that transpire unique artisan techniques through the sustainable relations we have forged with Mexican craftsmen and women. 

Some relationships with our Mexican suppliers will also contribute directly by supporting local minorities in maintaining their family, household and living. 

Other relationships with partners are collaborations with young and emerging talents who apply ancient techniques to make contemporary and timeless pieces. 

COBALTO definitely does not want to be a tourist webshop for ordinary souvenirs. On the contrary, we hope to inspire you and guide you to authentic and very appealing top quality products to brighten up your home and lifestyle.



My roots and love for Mexico made me decide to start my own business in local Mexican products. 

Every time I visit my family and friends there, I am overwhelmed by the beauty and diversity of the craftsmanship it has to offer. I want to show that this Latin American country is more than siestas and fiestas. I want to present the Mexico that I know and love so much and convey this to others.

I hope I can inspire you and show you what Mexico has to offer through COBALTO. 

​Enjoy your visit and I hope to see you again soon.

​Thank you! Gracias!

- Founder of COBALTO